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We believe in idea of being together

Togetherness is a hugely important aspect of life. It unites us, gives us security, much-needed support and a sense of belonging, and encourages us to love one another.

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"Service is an expression of inner joy" honoring this beautiful quote from his holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar we are expressing our happiness at fullest. ...

With the responsibilities of others, we are free from crumbles or our personal life or can say it appears so small that it doesn't worry us anymore. We are utilizing this inner peace and joy to bring the same peace and joy to the other's life.

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The piousness you get by serving others, you cannot get by any other means. Hence, service not only brings a change in other life but changes the... server life immensely. It brings positivity, satisfaction, and a sense of closeness to the supreme lord.

We invite you to be part of this elite club and serve both humanity and yourselves. We have various roles and responsibilities you can handle both remote and on the field. You can sharpen your professional skills by helping us in the same domain. We have volunteer roles for professionals from various domains like It, legal, teachers, coordinators, marketers, content writer, accountant, fundraiser, graphic designers, and operations. Young students always have been the backbone of this organization and hence we invite youth especially to be part of our growing organization, with new and innovative ideas.

The good thing is you need not to dedicate your full time to this. You can dedicate your time according to your availability and interest 2-4 hours a week is good enough. We believe service to humanity is the responsibility of all and people should take this as added responsibility instead of a fulltime career. With this, you also get to meet people from different domains and befriend them.

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Running any project need finances and hence donations are an inseparable part of any organization. It's your love and support in the form of donations that ...helps us run this organization smoothly. Hence, We are looking for the donors who wish to serve but because of lack of time, they cannot make any commitment. You need not necessarily donate a huge amount for this you can start contributing with a small recurring donation as low as INR 50 per month. Your donations are utilized for the classroom infrastructures, stationaries, operational expenses, and crisis management. All these funds are utilized in a very transparent way and you can ask for the details at any time.

Mission & Vision

Because of the lack of education, and harsh poverty people in urban slums are the softest targets of human trafficking gangs. Children from these slums ...often forced to beg on streets or used as laborers in big factories or homes. The young girls and women are often are the most vulnerable ones and often forced to sex trafficking. Those who escape anyhow often indulged in raving or small crimes. Small children sniffing fluids, or marijuana in parks is a very common sight.

Only the light of education and skills for self-sustainability can bring out these people from this vulnerability. With this vision, we are aiming at our mission to make everyone around so sustainable that they never fall prey to these inhumane acts.

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We will produce an observable and measurable result under certain preset requirements.


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COVID-19 Crisis Response

We have seen the toughest time with the outbreak of COVID-19. The whole world gets locked down, the economy dipped severely and the ones that get most impacted are the migrant laborers in metropolitan cities. These are the people who didn't get benefits from government schemes because of the lack of...

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Educational Trips

We observed that children in slums are not connected to the outer world in the same way as children from families with an economically sound background. They haven't explored the world that way and hence their dreams have been limited to only what they have seen. To give them a fair understanding of...

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Blogs to enhance knowledge

September 19, 2023


September 19, 2023


September 19, 2023


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

It nourish your heart with peace and helping others in a way we help ourselves.

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