About Us

Welcome to Community Initiative Foundation

"Change begins with us" honoring this beautiful quote a bunch of young students started this initiative on the eve of the new year 2017. The main goal of starting this initiative is to provide equal opportunities to people around us.

Seeing small children begging on the streets and children untouched with the light of education in slums is disheartening. Our team came up with a plan to start weekend classes for such children. We started with Manohar Nagar, talked to children and their parents, engaged them in interactive fun and learning session of Art of Living Bal Chetna course. The course was fun and we jelled up very well with children. We started visiting there on weekends, gather these children and started small learning sessions. We use to bring some slates to them and started classes for them. With time we realized these children need special attention and care for learning and hence started Community Initiative.

Since then our journey from park has reached to rented class rooms, weekend classes to regular smart classes and bunch of individuals to organization.