Project Details

Warm winters

Delhi's winters are famous for its chilling and blood-freezing temperature. The month of December and January are so chilling that more than 331 people die of cold last year. People dying slowly with pain is very disheartening. Most of them are old people, eradicated from home or small children from Banjara's community. To serve these people we started the "Blanket Distribution Campaign" in 2018. Every winter when days start chilling out our enthusiastic volunteers start night duty in search of people in need. Our volunteers explore areas that are remote or not connected well to grab attention. We also pay special focus to make sure we are helping the people actually in need and not the con ones. We also search for nearby shelters homes and if there are any we push these people to shelter homes. After making sure that there are no nearby shelter homes and people are in actual need we distribute warm clothes and blankets.